Silver Sable #2

Issue #2, July 1992

Gattling's Guns

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Sanders III
Letterer: Jade Moede
Colorist: Joe Rosas
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


The issue opens with a assassination attempt on a Reverend Smithfield. The book then moves to a dinner between the Reverend and our heroine, Silver Sable, discussing protection for him. We then are introduced to a variation of the game of "Tag" in which Silver Sable and an individual to be named later attempt to kill each other. Scene shifts to the Symkarian Embassy where we are introduced to Karl Striklan, aka the "Crippler." The new Wild Pack uniform is introduced, and replaces the unsightly uniform used in previous Spider-Man comics. A set-up for the would-be assassin invloves Sandman disguising himself as the Reverend at Madison Square Garden. We are then introduced to other members of the Wild Pack, Quintero and Chen. Watchdogs, a paramilitary unit of the moral morality as the book calls them, appear on the scene. At that point, our assassin guns down the Reverend (Sandman in disguise), and then flees. He is tracked to the roof, and introduces himself as Gattling, a dude with big ass guns. More Watchdogs show up and distracts Silver and the Wild Pack and allows Gattling to escape, which forces a continuation to the Issue #3. Comic Book Library