Silver Sable #26

Issue #26, July 1994

Blood and Sand

Writer: John Arcudi
Penciler: Doug Mahnke
Inkers: Bob Almond, Tom Christopher
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Ed Lazellari
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


The issue starts out the in Symkarian Embassy in New York. The Wild Pack are going through a very hard workout, and BattleStar and Powell are jawing with each other. Sandman then breaks up the two and starts to come down on them for not taking this seriously, even though this is a loose workout. Silver breaks it up, but Sandman leaves in a huff. In a bar, Sandman realizes he did overact but before anything happens, a couple of the locals start picking on a guy in the bar that turns out to be the Trapster, one of Sandman's old buddies in crime. Fresh out on parole, and not wanting any trouble, Trapster is about to get roughed up, before Sandman makes the save. The Trapster talks about trying to get a second chance. Sandman suggests that he try to hook with Silver Sable. Silver reluctantly agrees to bring Trapster aboard. He will train with Sandman and judged if he can cut it when she returns from Symkaria. The training is going badly. Trapster doesn't have it physically to make it. Sandman suggests that he use his old Trapster gear, for it might be his only chance. The next day while Trapster is returning from a store, he's confronted by two hoods trying to collect an old debt. Sandman makes the save. Trapster doesn't want to press charges, much to the surprise of Sandman, for it would violate his parole. In a huff, Trapster leaves. Sandman later goes to Trapster's place to apologize, but he is not there. However, Sandman does find all the jewels from the heists that have been plaguing the city for some time. Sandman has a plan to get Trapster back. The next day in training, Trapster is in his full gear running the course, and Sandman stops him and confronts him. Trapster however prepared for this and turned on Sandman using a special paste on him, that's hot enough to melt sand. Trapster runs for it, claiming victory for beating Sandman, but Sandman crashes through the wall much to the surprise of Trapster. Sandman had to cut off chunks of himself to prevent the paste from spreading. Sandman beats the daylights out of Trapster but before he delivers the final blow, Silver returns and stops him. As Trapster is taken away, Sandman worries if he is a hero because he wants to or because he's paid to. Comic Book Library