Silver Sable #27

Issue #27, August 1994

On The Loose

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Gordon Purcell
Inker: Pam Eklund
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Megan McPowell
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Nothing like a high-speed chase to start off the issue. BattleStar jumps from Silver's car to a hijacked truck and is able to stop it. Just them, the back opens up and a bunch of goons come out shooting. But some quick work from Silver and BattleStar subdue the crooks for the police. Quentino is back on job, sidelined in a wheelchair however, and informs Silver that Man-Eater is on the loose, and that NYPD's special strike force, Code: Blue, is out after him. None of Pack or the Intruders have checked in yet, Silver and BattleStar go hunting. In Central Park, a couple is attacked by a mugger. The mugger is then attacked by Man-Eater and is quickly dispatched. The police soon find the him, but can't catch him. They realize it's not a tiger, but a member of Silver Sable's team. They follow him to the zoo. Man-Eater takes a moment to lick his wounds and realizes that the animal instinct has taken over again, suddenly, he catches the smell of a female tiger. Silver and BattleStar run into Code: Blue, and they reluctantly agree to work together to bring in Man-Eater. They track Man-Eater to the tiger den, where a tigress is in heat. BattleStar tries to talk to Man-Eater, and is somehow getting through, but the instincts from his animal half are too strong. Sandman contacts Silver saying Quentino has given him and Fin the info and are in the area to assist. Man-Eater tries to hide in the polar bear den, and Sandman, BattleStar and Fin try to capture him while trying to subdue the angry bears. Just then, Silver delivers a shot from a taser staff to Man-Eater to bring him down. Back at the Symkarian Embassy, numerous tests are run to find out what caused the rampage. The doctors can't explain it for he has human and tiger DNA, and some that are unidentifiable. With the support of Silver and the Pack, Man-Eater insists that they run as many tests as they need to figure out what he is. Comic Book Library