Silver Sable #28

Issue #28, September 1994

Assassin's Guild

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Gordon Purcell
Guest Inker: Andy Parks
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Megan McPowell
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Inside Grand Central Station, Silver and Chen are on the tail of a group of assassins. Silver is impressed by the skills of these assassins when one confronts them. Chen recognizes the assassin, but Silver has to kill the female assassin before she can behead Chen. Chen reveals that she used to work with these group of assassins and that collectively, they used to work for the Foreigner (Silver's ex) before they defected. Later that day, as Silver is to leave for a night on the town, two cars ram into her limo before she gets in it, and they explode. Chen says that she needs to take care of this alone, to protect Silver. As such, Chen tries to rejoin her old band of lady assassins. They are a bit suspicious, but tell her to take down someone to prove her worth. She accepts. On a boat of Long Island, Chen moves in for the kill, much to pleasure of her old colleague, watching from the dock. But Chen is suddenly confronted by Silver, who accuses her of not truly reforming. Chen simply states she doesn't want Silver involved, then kicks her down and escapes. Silver is stunned, but then, the would be victim arises. It's Sandman in disguise. Apparently, Chen is trying to stay clean. As the lady assassins begin their next plot, the infiltrate the mansion of some crime boss. As they enter, the assassins tell Chen to kill the lot of them, but she can't do it. As the other assassins dispatch the crime dudes, Chen escapes into the topiary maze in the lawn. The assassins follow. Silver, thanks to information from the Foreigner, has arrived on the scene to assist. As all parties stalk each other in the maze, the leader of the assassins is bested by Chen. She taunts Chen to kill her, knowing she can't, but Chen knocks her out, and says, "I am an assassin no more." Comic Book Library