Silver Sable #30

Issue #30, November 1994

Regretful Decisions

Writer: Gregory Wright
Guest Penciler: Scott Eaton
Guest Inker: Jim Amash
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Megan McPowell
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Silver's in jail. Framed. Set up. But in the big house, nonetheless, and everyone is gunning for her. The CIA is leveling charges against Silver, and back at the Symkarian Embassy, Morty is advising the Pack to leave the country before they are arrested as well. Of course, none of them go. Back in prison, the inmates are making Silver's life hell. However, she will not retaliate. She knows that if she does, it means a longer sentence. The abuse is constant and unending, and Silver is just taking it. The CIA has brought in Latisha to the prison. Apparently, they want her to ruin Silver. In the city, the Pack are trying to find any clues as to how Silver was set up, but to no avail. That leaves Morty in a bind, and he finds that he no choice but to "make the call." Back in prison, Latisha and a pair of inmates are setting up Silver to make it look like she's trying to escape. But they squabble amongst themselves and the guards are alerted. They gun down the inmates, but Silver manages to save Latisha life. Because of that, Latisha makes a full confession on the incident. After spending a little time in solitary, Silver is brought to the warden's office, and is told that all charges have been dropped, and she is free to go. As she returns to the Embassy, she states that she is leaving the country, and because of Uncle Morty's decision, his services are no longer needed. The last page is back in Symkaria where Silver is questioning her ability to lead with her father, when the Foreigner arrives. Apparently, he was the one who got Silver freed, and now, he has business to discuss.... Comic Book Library