Silver Sable #35

Issue #35, April 1995

Once More Into The Fray

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Gordon Purcell
Inker: Parks, Hudson, McClellan & Alexandrov
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Megan McPowell
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Mark Gruenwald


The Wild Pack are in Chile, again without Silver, trying to retrieve a renegade weapons research team and its goods. Ernst is calling the shots from Symkaria while Battle Star leads the Pack in the field. Silver is retired, but is still troubled by the decision. During the campaign, Ernst makes some wild strategies and calls for brutal interogations, much to Crippler's delight. Silver decides to check on the mission. Just curiousity, she claims. As Silver listens in to the radio traffic, she can't believe how her father is calling such risky manuevers, and then she thinks of her mother. Her mother told her how you always protect your loved ones. With that, Silver tells Quentino to prep a stealthcraft, she's joining up with the Pack. After the Pack tracks the renegade researchers to their base, they are getting ambushed at every turn. Silver arrives and tell the Pack that they are being monitored and to hold off until she can join up with them. Quentino scrambles the eavedroppers signal, and Silver plans a new offensive despite her father's objections. The new attack works smoothly, but the ringleader flees in an experimental stealthcraft. Silver boards the craft before he takes off. Silver takes down the leader, but the craft is set to crash. Silver manages to bail out just in time, with the leader clinging to her for dear life. When the military arrive to salvage the scene, the following dialogue is exchanged...

Battle Star: "Does this mean you're out of retirement?"
Silver Sable: "I had no business leaving. This is my place and you are all my family. We need each other. Enough sentimentality. We've got a stack of assignments waiting..."


* * * * *

Li'l Silvie
An Encore Appearance

Wrote it 'cos he's lost: Gregory Wright
Drew it 'cos he missed us: Steven Butler
Inked it 'cos she looks like Li'l Silvie: Pam Eklund
Colored it 'cos it came in the mail: Mike Rockwitz
Lettered it 'cos we threatened him: Steve Dutro
Edited it 'cos his dad does Marmaduke: Craig Anderson
Really does like cheese: Tom DeFalco


The much-anticipated new story of Li'l Silvie. This time, Li'l Silvie gets sent to the Land of Cancelled Comics and can't do anything to get out. Comic Book Library