Silver Sable #9

Issue #9, February 1993


Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Sanders III
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Joe Rosas
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


This issue reveals Silver's origin and her path that led her to become the world's best mercenary. This issue opens up in the Wild Pack's training center when Silver is just going ballistic and beating the daylights out of Chen in a "training exercise." Silver is stopped by BattleStar, and then realizes that since the news of her father being alive, she has been sloppy, over-emotional, and not in control. And so, the story of the Silver's rise begins. She self-narrates a retrospect, telling how her father, Ernst, was hand picked by the King of Symkaria to lead a group to track down Nazi war criminals. An occupation with which Silver's mother, Anastasia was not all that fond about. When Silver was seven, she was walking with her mother in the square when she spotted some Nazis. She tried to listen in, and overheard them plan to kill her father. Silver goes running to her father and warns him. In the initial crossfire, Silver's mother is gunned down, right before Silver's eyes, by Ivan Trefkov. Since then, Silver had trained and trained to be part of the Wild Pack, but was still far off. Silver's hair, around age 12, was turning silver, from it's original brown color. The next five years following, her training increased. She developed her own weapon, the Chai, and by the age of 17, was sufficently prepared to join her father and did. Her first mission with her father was in London. During the fight, Silver turned away from the primary target to save her father, but was stabbed by the underestimated target. Before her father was able to gun him down, Silver pulled the knife and nailed him sqaure in the back. Upon return from the mission, the King of Symkaria, gave Silver's father a castle, which is now Castle Sable, and promoted Silver to second in command. When a mission to track Trefkov came up later, Ernst had sent the Wild Pack off so he could face Trefkov alone, but Silver and the Pack, found her father, who was fighting Trefkov. Ernst turned to warn off Silver, and Trefkov found the chance to plant a knife square in Ernst's chest, again, right before Silver's eye. During the insuing fight with random foot soldiers, Trefkov and Silver's father were gone. With that, she believed her father was dead, and she assumed command of the Wild Pack. Comic Book Library