Terror Inc: Issue #11, May 1993

For Love Nor Money, Part One:
Mercenary Tendencies

Writer: D.G. Chichester & Richard Page
Inker: Temujin
Letterer: Steve Dutro & L. Krol
Colorist: Jim Hoston & J. Paes
Editor: Marcus McLaurin
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Silver's first multi-book crossover begins here in a 6-part story. The story begins in a monastery in Greece as Terror, a supernatural mercenary who could absorb the skills, powers, and memories of others through use of their dismembered body parts, is sought by one of the monks to retrieve an artifact called Vatsayana's Tryst. An artifact that can bring about the Carnal Serpent and give the holder pleasure beyond belief. A little later, it's revealed that Priapus is the one after the Tryst. Meanwhile, in Cairo, Silver is in the process of obtaining a part of the Tryst. She takes it from a crazy nomad in the Egyptian desert. After the losing the artifact to Silver, the nomad, feeling overwhelming guilt from the loss, commits suicide. In New Mexico, Luke Cage is after another piece of the Tryst, in an abandoned mine. He takes it from a crazy miner, and after the miner loses it, he blows up the mine, and in the process kills himself, but Cage survives. In the Arctic, Terror locates the last piece of the Tryst. The man he takes it from has long been dead. Terror absorbs the man's memories through some of his skin, and realizes that the Tryst has three pieces. After investigation, he goes after the other two. On board a train to Chicago, Cage goes home, but is attacked by Terror who searches for the 2nd piece. Terror manages to throw Cage off the train, and secure the artifact. Later, Terror flys to Egypt where Silver is on a luxeryliner off the coast. As Terror crashes onto the boat with a helicopter, he says one of the best lines in comics, "Terror Incorporated versus Silver Sable International...I pray this doesn't degenerate into a softball rivalry!" The issue ends with Terror and Silver at each other's throats. Continued in Cage #15.

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