Ms. Sable Listen up fans, Silver Sable, as well as the characters depicted, and most of the stuff featured on are the property of Marvel Comics and everything it encompasses. And yes, they have the copyrights and trademarks to back it up.

However, I am using the images, and everything else without any kind of permission, either written, oral, or telepathic from Marvel Comics. Anything used on this site comes from material I personally own, or material I have created from scratch.

The information presented is for review purposes, and I am no way making money on it. In fact, I am doing this at a loss.

And lastly, truth be told, this site is about a character that is almost dead, buried, and forgotten in the Marvel Universe. Granted, she makes appearances in a book from time to time, but she is not a primary figure, and the information presented is from her cancelled line of comics. I would love to see her appear more in other Marvel books, and I would be the happiest guy on the planet if her series was resurrected, but alas, all pipe dreams.

Hopefully, the good folks at Marvel are not going to get all hot and bothered by this site, because, really, it's a quality site that continues to introduce a wonderful character to the world. However, if they do ask that I shut it down, feel free to let them know of your disappointment.

Why should I cloud the glory of the "Best Silver Sable Ever" with such legalities? Just trying to cover my ass-ets.

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