Amazing Spider-Man: Volume I, Issue #280, September 1986

The Sinister Syndicate

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Layouts: Ron Frenz
Pencils/Inks: Brett Breeding
Lettering: Joe Rosen
Coloring: Paul J. Becton
Editor: Jim Owsley
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter


On Coney Island, Spider-Man and Silver Sable find themselves matched up against, the Beetle, the Rhino, Boomerang, Speed Demon, and Hydro-Man. Spidey thinks back on how this all started. Silver put an ad in the Daily Bugle that she needed Spider-Man. Without delay, he arrives. Silver wants him to help her bring in Jack o'Lantern, but Spidey refuses despite Silver's offer of payment, since he did give up being Spider-Man. However, Flash Thompson, Peter Parker's friend finds trouble with the law, and need money to bail him out, so Spidey takes Silver up on her offer. Suddenly, we're back in action. Jack o'Lantern had set up a trap and Silver and Spidey were in trouble. Meanwhile, we find Sandman in the suburbs, apparently giving up his life of crime and finding contentment. Back to the action, Silver took out Boomerang, but Silver and Spidey are still in trouble. Silver attacks the Beetle, and stuns him, but breaks both her ankles in the process. Both our heroes are injured and decide to take refuge inside the tracks of a wooden rollercoaster. The Syndicate then bring it crashing down. Which attacts the attention of the Sandman. Spidey was able to take the brunt of the debris falling down on them, but he is injured badly. The Syndicate then move in. Continued in Amazing Spider-Man #281.

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