Amazing Spider-Man: Volume I, Issue #281, October 1986

When Warriors Clash

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Layouts: Ron Frenz
Pencils/Inks: Brett Breeding
Letters: Joe Rosen
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Editor: Jim Owsley
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter


Continued from Amazing Spider-Man #280. Just as the Syndicate are about the deliver the knockout punch to Silver and Spidey, the Sandman attacks the Beetle. This gives Silver and Spidey the chance to bail. Apparently, Sandman didn't care about saving Spidey, he just wanted to screw things up for Hydro-Man, whom he hates. Sandman continues the fight, and runs at a charging Rhino, which disintergrates Sandman. Speed Demon runs in a circle, creating a wind tunnel and Sandman can't regain his form. Spidey decides to go back to help Sandman. Sandman manages to pull himself together, and beats Hydro-Man. Silver then sends two chai at the Beetle which sever his electro-blasts, and then Spidey knocks him out from behind. The fights goes back and forth, and then the Syndicate decide to fall back, since the can't defeat Spidey, Silver, and Sandman. As soon as they flee, Spidey collaspes to the ground. Later, Silver offers Sandman a position at Silver Sable International.

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