Silver Sable #4

Issue #4, September 1992

My Dinner with Doom?

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Sanders III
Letterer: Jade Moede
Colorist: Joe Rosas
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


As part of an Infinity War crossover, Silver Sable proceeds to Latveria where she will meet Victor von Doom in their annual dinner date. Sidenote: Infinity War is where every hero and villian has to fight their double. So, while Dr. Doom and Kang the Conqueror take off to take care of Infinty business, a double of Doom takes his place. Silver arrives and the along with the Doom double have their dinner, until the Doom double guns down a servant for no reason. Of course, Silver objects, which leads her to be taken hostage, and the Doom double states their will be war between Latveria and Symkaria. While being escorted to a holding cell by robot guards, Silver dispatchs them and figures out that this isn't the real Doom. Back in Symkaria, the Wild Pack is hearing reports about how heroes have assembled in New York and are in a fight with their double, and attempt to contact Silver, but to no avail. So, they venture out to Latveria to investigate. However, prior to taking off, Sandman runs into his evil double, which beats the daylights out of Sandman and takes his place with the rest of the Wild Pack on the way to Latveria. The book ends of a cliffhanger as Silver disguised as a Doombot, is confronted by the evil Doom double. Continued in Issue #5. Comic Book Library