Silver Sable #5

Issue #5, October 1992

Double Jeopardy

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Sanders III
Letterer: Jade Moede
Colorist: Joe Rosas
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Continued from Issue #4. Disguised as a Doombot, Silver Sable manages to escape a confrontation with a Dr. Doom impersonator. Meanwhile, on a stealthcraft flying to Latveria, the Wild Pack is attacked by the imposter Sandman, and begins causing havok onboard. A long fight ensues but is ended when BattleStar is able to render the Sandman imposter unconscious. Back at Castle Doom, Silver has been able to reprogram a squad of Doombots to act as diversions. Just as Silver, in a new armored Doom suit, and the Doom double begin a final showdown, the Wild Pack finally arrive at Castle Doom and engage Doombots and other robot guards. Silver is able to get off one big shot off at the Doom double and send him on a long fall. Just as Silver and the Wild Pack try to unmask the double, it changes into a large squid-like creature which is easily put out of its misery. Comic Book Library