Silver Sable #8

Issue #8, January 1993

War Criminal

Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Sanders III
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Joe Rosas
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


The issue opens up in Hawaii with Silver enjoying the beach were her current beau, a gentlemen named Jacques, who we see for the first time. Quickly she runs off to South America in pursuit of Nazi war criminals. In the rainforests, the Wild Pack display their skills as they handle a group of foot soliders. The find these soldiers are members of the Genesis Coalition, an offshoot of HYDRA. Deep in the rainforest, we are shown the Coalition's headquarters where inhumane and cruel acts are being performed on a variety of creatures and humans by the Coalition and there we also find Dmitri (see Issue #1). Silver and the Pack infiltrate the complex and begin to free all the subjects, and see Man-Eater for the first time, a half-man, half-tiger. After all the creatures are free, Dmitri and Silver fight on, and then Dmitri stuns her by telling her that her father, whom she thought was dead, is very much alive. At that moment of shock, Dmitri is able to flee. Comic Book Library