Terror Inc: Issue #12, June 1993

For Love Nor Money, Part Four:
Corporate Intimacy

Writer: D.G. Chichester & Kirk Van Wormer
Inker: Temujin, Bud LaRosa & Steve George
Letterer: Vickie Williams
Colorist: Jim Hoston & K. Somers
Editor: Marcus McLaurin
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Continued from Silver Sable #13. As Priapus sails away, his powers begin to increase now that he is in the possession of the Tryst, as his illusions now gain substance. Priapus kills the captain of the ship with his new powers, and the body is found by Terror who uses its limbs. Terror goes to rescue Silver and Cage, realizing that a team-up of the three would be beneficial. Terror enters the shark tank, and with one of Silver's chais, cuts a shark to distract the other sharks, and then frees Silver and Cage. Terror's assistants ferry the three of them to Barcelona where they look for Priapus. Priapus had sent up an orgy of sorts, so that he may feed of their carnal energy. When Priapus enters the room, he discovers that he was duped and is attacked by Terror, Cage and Silver. Silver tries to take the Tryst from Priapus, but it had grafted itself onto his chest. Then Priapus casts a spell with the power of the Tryst and our heroes begin to interact with manifestations of their love. Cage begins to be wooed by his dead lover. Terror, being a combination of body parts, begins to deal with various manifestations, but especially that of the only woman he has ever loved, since he has her hand. Silver deals with a manifestation of the Sandman, as he begins to slowly embrace her with sand. As the three try their best to resist these manifestations, Priapus yells out the cliche, "Love Hurts!" Continued in Cage #16.

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